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Plus Size In Paris

Online, influencer Abby Allerton is savvy, relevant, and empowered due to her Instagram profiles Plus-Size Real and Femme Fatale, but IRL not so much—she’s sadly stagnant and in need of an upgrade.

When the #BTSPFW invite drops into her inbox, Abby can’t help but say, “Oui, oui, this is for me!” and do whatever it takes to get on the next plane to Paris for an exclusive behind-the-scenes Fashion Week event!

As she navigates Paris with all the culturally perceived imperfection she seems to embody, Abby feels thrown into the catacombs of body image. Determined to be unabashedly herself, she ends up making friends in haute places, and it turns out Abby might just have what it takes to launch a couture coup d’etat!