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Plus-Sized Hearts Podcast - Available Now

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Erin Zhurkin, the author of the book Plus-Size in Paris, hosts a limited series podcast talking with people in different countries and cultures who are moving through the world with plus-sized hearts.

With gratitude and curiosity as her guides she'll be talking with her guests about how we keep our hearts big and open in the world. This is about more than body size. It's about our heart size too. It's about staying true to ourselves by keeping our hearts open to all the new adventures and experiences life brings us. 💖

For the past sixteen years Erin has lived in six different countries. Because of that, cross-cultural experiences and perspectives are deeply layered into these discussions. She's excited to talk to people from the places she's called home.

Episode One

Plus-Sized Hearts starts its journey with a very special guest from Korea.

Vivian Geeyang Kim is a true trailblazer in Korea’s plus-size scene. After attempting to go see a showing of Jeanie Finlay’s empowering documentary Your Fat Friend at the DMZ Doc Fest in Seoul I saw that Vivian was on the speakers panel after the showing.

After a couple of DMs and emails, Vivian and I ended up having dinner at a great burger place in a cool part of Seoul and the rest is history. Every time we meet, I learn something from her about staying true to yourself. She is unapologetic when it comes to making sure people (mostly women) in Korea feel seen and heard no matter what their body size.

For the past 15 years Vivian has been chipping away at the Korean culture’s tendency to completely turn away from people with larger bodies. She’s been steadfast in her commitment to bring about awareness that people with larger bodies are people with hearts, feelings and have the right to do as they chose living in the society of Korea, and most importantly they have a right to live without feeling like they don’t belong. Try not to tear up at the end when she shares what she does to keep her heart plus-sized.

Vivian put her money where her heart is and started her own design house called im66100 and she shares what the name means in this episode. She’s also been photographed in major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. She appears regularly on TV talking about being plus-size in Korea.

This first episode of Plus-Size Hearts is one you don’t want to miss!

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